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Because of this, some attorneys choose to go back to school and obtain an LLM, a post law school legal degree, focused on tax. Personal Injury Lawyer. This type of lawyer represents parties in personal injury disputes. Personal injury refers to more than just physical harm — it also encompasses mental harm that can result when an individual is injured. Personal injury attorneys may help the injured individual recover for their damages by suing one or more persons or entities. Personal injury attorneys are also needed to defend the people and entities that are sued after an incident causing personal injury occurs.

The types of legal actions personal injury attorneys work on include medical malpractice, product liability, civil battery, and defamation to name just a few. Toxic Tort Lawyer. Toxic tort lawyers are a special type of personal injury lawyer. They work with people that have been exposed to toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and even toxic water and air. Asbestos lawsuits are the toxic tort that people are most familiar with and that encompass the majority of toxic tort lawsuits. These types of lawsuits are often complicated, so toxic tort lawyers usually do a lot of continuing education focused on keeping up to date and learning more about toxic torts.

Civil Rights Lawyer. Civil rights attorneys use the law to help people protect their civil rights or recover damages if their civil rights have been trampled on. Civil rights are the core rights of United States citizens that stem from state and federal constitutions. There are different types of civil rights attorneys based on what civil rights they focus on helping their clients protect.

For example, some civil rights lawyers focus on helping individuals that have been discriminated against for an unlawful reason at work while others focus on helping people that have been subjected to wrongdoing, like excessive force, by law enforcement. Criminal Law Lawyer. There are two types of criminal law attorneys, prosecutors and defense attorneys. Prosecutors represent the state they work for and bring criminal charges against individuals accused of committing a crime. Private defense attorneys are paid by the accused individual to defend them against the criminal charges.

Public defenders are defense attorneys that work for the government who represent those who cannot afford to hire private counsel. Criminal law attorneys work in a fast-paced environment and are often in court. They frequently interact with judges and attorneys on the other side and often have to negotiate deals with the other side. Prosecutors and public defenders are usually paid a low salary while private criminal defense attorneys have big earning capacity because they are usually paid hourly for their work by their client.

Entertainment Lawyer. Entertainment lawyers represent clients in the entertainment industry. Their clients could be individuals, like singers, or companies, like record agencies. Their work involves a lot of business deals.

Most entertainment lawyers negotiate and draft a lot of contracts and deal with intellectual property issues, like trademarks and copyrights , frequently. Real Estate Lawyer. After the Great Recession, many real estate lawyers found themselves unable to find work. There has been a resurgence in the need for real estate attorneys since the economy has recovered. Real estate lawyers have a variety of options for their practice they can help close real estate deals, represent parties when real estate deals fall through, and lawsuits are filed, and can represent clients in the process of obtaining required permits for their real estate deals.

Some states even require that a real estate attorney be present at real estate closings which creates a good market for attorneys in this area. Digital Media and Internet Lawyers. This type of lawyer deals more than just internet law — they deal with all sorts of legal issues that arise out of the use of digital platforms like mobile phones, tablets, and computers as well as the internet.

ABA Member Groups offer high-quality CLE in a comprehensive range of relevant topics to benefit every legal professional across the nation. We are the premier provider of education and training for construction lawyers -- all geared toward our mission: Building the Best Construction Lawyers.

Member Groups and their dedicated members author over 1, books, periodicals, and newsletters each year; exploring broad areas of practice, specific topics of law, and issues of debate. First-rate CLE, informative publications, and substantive committees make membership one of the best investments. Membership elevates your profile by giving you opportunities to author articles for award-winning periodicals and present at premier legal events.

Member Groups boast more than 10, leadership opportunities to expand your influence in the legal profession.

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I've had the opportunity to meet and get to know practitioners from all over the country and I've been able to speak on panels with some of the top lawyers in my field. Connect with other legal professionals across the country to share information and best practices. Member Groups include more than 3, committees that produce valuable resources, newsletters, webinars, teleconferences and so much more!

The opportunity to network with national experts on cutting edge issues makes membership a true value. Lawyers are unleashing a flurry of lawsuits to step up the fight against climate change. Read Article. Assistant Attorney General Beth A. Williams of the Office of Legal Policy emphasized working with providers of civil legal aid to help combat issues of elder fraud and abuse during her speech at the…. Appellate Law Blog. When you find yourself in need of a family law firm in Our Attorneys.

Cagle Carpenter Hazlewood is a full service law firm devoted to representing businesses, nonprofits, individuals and community associations. If you been injured in an auto accident call today. Call us in the Dallas, Fort Worth area today, and see how the personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law can help you. We provide all new clients with a free consultation which is completely confidential.

Who We Are Nemeroff Law is a well respected, nation-wide, trial lawyers firm with decades of experience focused on Mesothelioma, Pharmaceutical injury, and Personal injury cases. Quillin Law Firm, P. Call today for a free consultation with an expert. Need a lawyer?

Mathur Law Offices, P. Securities Litigation Blog. Good people, doing good work -- for you. Personal Injury Lawyers in Dallas, Texas or Dykema is a leading national law firm, serving business entities worldwide on a wide range of complex business issues. The Blum Firm with location in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and Austin has been a leader in areas of estate planning, tax planning and asset protection for more than 30 years. Our lawyers deliver outstanding results, unparalleled service and exceptional value in every engagement. At the Clinesmith Law Firm, our nursing home neglect lawyers in Dallas work hard to protect the individual rights of the elderly.

Find Dallas law firms and Dallas attorneys. Law Firms in Dallas. Para legal Luisa R. For complete services in Texas real estate law, turn to an experienced attorney at the Lonergan Law Firm in Dallas. After nearly four decades of doing business, we have become one of the largest and most respected full-service law firms in Texas.

Baughman have joined forces to form Martin Baughman. Phillips has over 25 years of trial and arbitration experience in employment and business litigation matters, and deep experience First Liberty Institute is the largest non-profit legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious liberty for all Americans.

Montgomery Law is a Dallas personal injury law firm that genuinely cares about their clients and takes pride in getting them the compensation they truly deserve. Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm's area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Dallas, TX If you send this email, you confirm that you have read and understand this notice.

Central Epwy Ste. See which firm is No. From start-ups to mergers and acquisitions, Dallas is business central, and Vethan Law Firm knows it all. Our Dallas divorce lawyers understand the complex financial issues involved in divorce. Our key industry groups help coordinate our legal teams across geographies and practice areas, keeping them at the cutting edge of industry needs and trends and sharing collective experience and expertise. The Dallas bankruptcy lawyers.

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Call us today at for a FREE consultation! We surveyed dozens of local law firms to discover the top largest in DFW, ranked by the number of non-contract attorneys. If you are injured, contact Godsey Martin today. Get peer reviews and client ratings averaging 4.

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Jury research is a powerful tool. Our Dallas business lawyer will take the time to understand your legal issues and objectives and develop a plan to achieve your goalsyour goals are our mission. Frost Brown Todd recognized as seven-time gold standard firm. The Fears Nachawati Law Firm delivers a range of legal services including representation of public entities, personal injury and auto accidents, bad drug and medical device cases, wrongful death, business and family law, bankruptcy, and criminal defense.

Based in Richardson-Plano and serving clients across the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Texas, The Fell Law Firm provides aggressive, ethical representation to individuals and businesses facing a broad range of legal matters. Family Law Attorney in Dallas. We concentrate our litigation focus in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death, business law, family law, and probate, trusts, guardianships and real estate.

We are hardworking attorneys with an unyielding commitment to superior legal representation. At the Morris Law Firm, we will help your Dallas car accident case run as smoothly as possible. I was in a car accident and I referred him to J. Call today. I enjoy cold brew coffee and working with a team to accomplish goals. A better way to practice law, smarter way to do business. The mission of our firm is to provide effective, aggressive, and compassionate legal services to those in need of legal assistance across all consumer legal practice areas.

Get help now. For all of us Paul was a visionary, a true leader and a good friend. View All Firm News. Visit Alston. New Horizon Kids Quest, Inc. Accomplished Dallas severe injury lawyers at Lenahan Law Firm are dedicated to providing excellent representation and counsel on behalf of the clients they serve. Our inclusive practice features a bilingual staff who can discuss all aspects of your case in Spanish whenever necessary.

Dallas, Tx The attorney never showed up to the court room. Families are complicated. Search the U. Lawyers in our Dallas Office help clients from across a broad range of industries—including high tech, health care, construction, and energy—arrive at the best solutions for their business challenges and opportunities. Contact the firm today for a FREE case evaluation. The depth of our knowledge and breadth of our expertise set us apart.

Each one will be held on a Thursday or Friday in our Dallas Office from pm and will include a free lunch along with the free seminar. The Ashmore Law Firm, PC offers legal counsel services in probate, estate planning, guardianship, personal injury and family law for individuals in Dallas, TX.

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Leinart Law Firm specializes in bankruptcy protection and debt relief for individuals and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our clients trust us with their critical legal matters. Call the firm today! Arrested in a complicated situation? Facing criminal charges?

Our Dallas criminal defense law firm can help you move on from your accusation. This is an example page. Contact Mark A. Bankruptcy Attorneys at the Lee Law Firm. At Allmand Law Firm, PLLC, our goal is to help each of our clients pursue a fresh start and the second chance they need to start again. Ackels, Sr. Ticer in Dallas. North Texas Law Firms on The List was supplied by individual companies through questionnaires and could not be independently verified by the Dallas Business Journal.

The client and the As our young leadership guides us into the future, our timeless values and standards will continue to be the benchmark by which we measure our success. Contact us today! For the past 40 years, our firm has represented financial institutions and creditors. Capital Newsletter. Lenahan Law Firm is an accomplished Dallas injury law firm that is known for providing excellent results.

The IPR Intelligence Report evaluates more than 1, law firms and 5, attorneys in the intellectual property space on activity and performance. He will be greatly missed. Call our Dallas personal injury attorneys for a free consult. Worth based attorney Petrina Thompson provides legal quality service to clients throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex who find themselves in a predicament that requires legal counsel.

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Our practice areas and practice philosophies support your business goals of expertise, efficiency and value when retaining legal counsel. Bergquist Law Firm has a broad client base ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to individual plaintiffs. Bracewell LLP is a leading law and government relations firm. With our business litigation lawyers in Dallas at our firm, clients rely upon to handle the most complex, high-stakes litigation and achieve outstanding results. When a client needs legal representation they want the best.

Rasansky Law Firm's Dallas personal injury attorneys specialize in car accidents, personal injury and wrongful death claims. Learn more about our law firm. Our areas of practice include criminal defense, immigration and much more. Office locations in both Dallas and Ft. My car was totaled.

Advisors and resources for your real-world legal questions.
attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas Attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas
attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas Attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas
attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas Attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas
attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas Attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas
attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas Attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas
attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas Attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas
attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas Attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas
attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas Attorney canada criminal dallas estate lawyer real texas

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