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I haven't shot it for several months, but I keep it loaded in my nightstand as a backup.

I got it out today to just check it over, handle it a bit, wipe it down and such. No big thing. I was function checking it when the trigger suddenly wouldn't return forward. I also noticed the side "trigger bar" was also sticking out just a bit from the spot that it rides in. Something was up, clearly. I was manually cocking the hammer and doing a bit of dry firing. Now I couldn't get the trigger to even break to let the hammer down. I field stripped it and nothing was visibly wrong except for the trigger bar. I pushed it back into position and was able to pull the trigger forward and then pull it to release the hammer to it's forward position.

I took the "C" retaining clip off and then the washer that secures the trigger bar and then I gently pulled it up and off. I looked closely at the internals that I could see and when I got to the trigger, I looked up into the frame. I saw the end of what was clearly a broken spring jutting out of the trigger opening. Just barely though.

It wasn't visible until the trigger is in the normal, forward position. So, no one at Bersa was in at this time and I found a link on their site to an authorized service center in Texas.

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I called him and he said to get it out to him and he would take care of it. Pretty good response, I thought. So, now I wait and he'll get it tomorrow as it isn't that far away. I am just wondering now if I should have concerns about its reliability and whether it should be removed from carry possibilities.

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Then again, the trouble area is going to be repaired. Have any of you had anything like this happen to your Bersa Thunder pistols? I'm just wondering if this is kind of a problem for this pistol or I just happened to get unlucky. What's your experience? Thanks for the time. Nalapombu , Jan 21, Jan 21, 2. Messages: 45, Likes Received: 56, Mechanical things sometimes break. Don't condem it until you have data to confirm or deny it.

My daughter has one, my wife has one, my neighbor's wife has one and no failures or glitches. Jan 21, 3.

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Messages: 9, Likes Received: 2, I have had mine for almost as long as you have had yours except mine is unfired. They are the best kept secret in small auto pistols! Jan 22, 4. Messages: Likes Received: Had a bunch of Bersas over the years. Not one issue. Had a NIB Glock 22 that had a broken recoil spring.

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Gun still shot, but replaced the spring asap. Repaired, it should run fine. Put a box of ammo through it, you will find out. Lt Scott 14 , Jan 22, Jan 22, 5. Messages: 42, Likes Received: 11, Had a CC that was fantastic. NeverMore , Jan 22, Jan 22, 6. Messages: 24, Likes Received: 45, When it's repaired run a few boxes thru it if it functions fine I would think you would be good to go!

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Sigobsessed , Jan 22, Jan 22, 7. Messages: 16, Likes Received: 22, I bought my wife a Thunder Plus, first trip to the range, less than 10 rounds through it the extractor broke. It happens, obviously a defective part, called the local service center, took it in, took about 5 weeks to get it back, probably trouble free rounds downrange since. It could have happened to any brand made, don't see it as a problem with Bersa per se. Now if they had not honored the warranty, THAT would've been a problem.

They did, so it wasn't. My friend's wife has a Thunder CC and is her favorite, second only to maybe her Ruger P and only because she is dead on with the Ruger at the range. Jan 22, 8. When we got home, I called Eagle Imports and they picked up after a couple of rings. I was transferred to the warranty department and he said "let me see if I can get you some help". He transferred me to Reynerson Gunsmith Service, a Bersa warranty dealer. This took all of 3 minutes. I'm going to send them the slide to get a new sight installed under warranty. Must say great service.

This brings me to, does anyone know a good gunsmith in north Georgia that is good with Bersas? Sorry for the lengthy post, it's my 1st one. Grumpy1 , Apr 6, Apr 6, 2. Broke the sight off your BPCC? The couple of times I have called Eagle Imports customer service they have been excellent, top notch! Unfortunately I can not help you with a smith in Georgia, I am a couple of states north of you.

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Rynerson's I have heard good about and Colorado Gun Works, a preferred Bersa warrenty center, is a member here. The one time I felt a need to send mine off I used Gander Mountain, not because of any love for that high priced place, but because of convenience. They are a just a short drive from me and it saved me any shipping costs. The Gander Mountain near me does not have a smith, but they sent it to one of their facilities in the eastern part of the state, I just dropped it off one weekend and picked it up the next.

Last edited: Apr 6, Apr 6, 3. Yeah, the look on my wife's face was WTF. I'll take a look at Colorado Gunworks for future needs. Thanks for the tip. Apr 6, 4. Hmm, something about this sounds strange. Eagle Imports doesn't have a warranty department, and they can't transfer you to a warranty center. Maybe I just read this wrong?

Anyway, we are the largest warranty center for Bersa Firearms in the US, and have the most experienced staff for servicing Bersa Firearms. If we may be of assistance, please let us know. ColoradoGunWorksGunsmith , Apr 6, Apr 6, 5.

I called Eagle Imports and a lady answered, I explained what happened and she transferred me to what I thought see said was the warranty department. I could have been confused, easy for an old fart. This person gave me a phone number for a gunsmith that does warranty work for Bersa. I called and they said send it in with a copy of the sales invoice and my driver's license. I sent just the slide by UPS, thinking it wouldn't cost much since it was not a complete firearm. The lady said it did not matter if it was a piece or an entire firearm, except weight.

This is a learning experience for me. If there is a better way, I'm open for suggestions. Apr 6, 6. UPS never knows what's in the packages I ship. They don't ask; I don't tell. Apr 6, 7. So you go into a UPS Store, not hub, and ship firearms complete or parts?

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Would the UPS driver raise a flag when a package is delivered to a gunsmith facility? Apr 6, 8. I would have thought that if it's under warranty Bersa would have sent you a pre-paid shipping label. When I sent my Springfield back they emailed me a pre-paid shipping label. ThunderStorm , Apr 6, Apr 7, 9. Since this is my 1st experience with having to deal with firearm's issues, it seems that Eagle Imports put me in contact with one of their "preferred gunsmiths". We'll see how this shakes out.

Though I did not witness what was done to the sight I was able to hear what was happening. After about 5 minutes, he brought the slide out with the broken sight, the sight had not budged in the dovetail. I have searched on the web, but have not found a video or detailed description for this particular sight. Grumpy1 , Apr 7, Apr 7, Grumpy, give us a call at and ask for Mr.

Someone is steering you in very bad ways.

bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota Bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota
bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota Bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota
bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota Bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota
bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota Bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota
bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota Bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota
bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota Bersa firearms warranty repair in minnesota

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