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In older versions of Outlook, you needed third-party add-ons like Xobni for searching your email quickly. Thankfully, since Office , Microsoft has created a usable search function that actually works and lets you find emails quickly using a wide variety of filters. You can search for text, addresses, attachments, senders, etc and you can filter by date, size, subject, importance and more.

Note that this article assumes you are working on Office , or as those versions are the best for searching.

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Before you can perform lightning fast searches in Outlook, you need to make sure all of your emails have been indexed. To check this, go ahead and click in the search box that you see at the top of your email mailbox.

This will bring you to the Windows Indexing Options screen where you can pick and choose the various locations you want indexed. To get started searching in Outlook, click on Inbox or click on a specific folder. You can click on the little dropdown to the right and choose from other options like Current Folder , Subfolders , and All Outlook Items.

When you click on Inbox, Current Mailbox is automatically selected. This will search all mail in the entire mailbox including everything under Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Outbox, etc. If you click on a specific folder, the search box will default to Current Folder , which will only search the email in that particular folder not including sub-folders. If you have a folder that has sub-folders, make sure to select Subfolders from the dropdown in order to search only the sub-folders.

There are two ways to go about it: using the Search ribbon or using the search query syntax. As you might be able to tell, the latter option is more technical, but allows you to create some complicated searches.

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Click in the search box once you have chosen Inbox or a folder and then click on Search Tools in the ribbon. At the far left is the Scope , which is the same as the dropdown box that I mentioned above. By default, Outlook will only show you the most recent items that match a search and may not show you all the results. You can click Include Older Results to show all the results or scroll down to the bottom of the search results and choose Show More. Refine is where we can really drill down and find exactly what we are looking for.

Firstly, how do we go about searching for exact text in Outlook?

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In these cases, you just use double-quotes. Above, I searched for the word sherlock by putting it inside double quotes.

The Outlook search function no longer works: typical problems

If the word is in the subject line, it will be highlighted in yellow. Another common search is by sender. This is really easy to do in Outlook. Simply click on the From button in the ribbon and start typing in the name of the person or the email address. But with the help of your smartph SEO is nothing new, and almost everyone is aware of the undisputed significant role that content plays in Are you on Windows Phone?

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