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Update Birth father was from Houston. I think he was 20, maybe 21 years old. That's all we have on him. Peters, address was Dumaine Street on My birthmother, Ruby Blake went to a Home for Unwed Mothers but did not want to stay so she went to the mid wives home instead. All Other Information: I am searching for my birth grandparents or birth aunts and birth uncles. My birth mother still alive and knows we are searching was adopted and has never been told anything about her adoption or biological parents.

As years have gone on we have talked and there a lot of things we are curious on. The main thing is medical history. One of my children has an incurable autoimmune disease that they says is genetic but we cannot figure out where it came from. I also do not have much family but am very family oriented and wonder about the birth family I do not know. I know my birth mother was born at the house for unwed mothers in New Orleans on She was in the orphanage until she was 2 years old when my adoptive grandparents adopted her.

Her adoptive parents were Vernie and Annabell Baggett. Adoptee Birth City: Gretna,? Henry LaRocca's? Email Address: awnoonie aol. All Other Information: We have precious little information on this "adoption. It's also possible that it was a black market adoption. The adoptee was given several different accounts of the events leading up to his birth and adoption.

Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: Hoffpauer? Adoptee Birth City: New Orleans,? Adoptee Birth Mothers Name: Hoffpauer? Adoption Agency or Attorney: Mercy Memorial? Age of Adoptee when Adopted: 1 year old? LA County adoption took place: Orleans Parish? Biological mother's father was possibly a Methodist minister?. My father is now deceased. Adopted parents lived in Pineville, LA. Update I think the birth mother may have listed his last name as Hoffpauer.

Update Raymond was about 6'0" to 6'1" tall, with hazel, green eyes. All Other Information: I may have possibly been a black market baby. I am unsure because the adoption was kept secret from my parents families. My family would like to know more about my roots. Adopted mother was told that the birth mother was a Scot nurse and the father a musician. Adopted mother thinks the last name was Stewart-Stuart- placed in a Cajun foster home until placement at age 18 months. Adoption took place in Jonesboro, Ark. Judge Lamb's deceased office handled the proceedings. My birth certificate does not show time of birth or, weight and length.

My birth certificate and registered live birth certificate do not have a number either? Email Address: sarahinez hotmail. Grace Wilson Hancock, my aunt, is dead as is her husband, Aubrey Hancock not the baby's father , and the child's older half-brother, Harold Hancock. When she began to show, she traveled to New Orleans where my mother, Ruby Wilson, was in nursing school at Charity Hospital. The baby was born there after Aubrey had been pulled off the sub through a Red Cross appeal because Louisiana law required that a husband also give permission for his wife to give up a child for adoption.

My mother, Ruby, told me that she was told the adoptive parents were a Baptist minister and his wife, but she did not meet them. If someone can find a military record of Aubrey's emergency leave, we can come closer to the birth date. Update I do not know who the birth father was or anything about him. Birth mother was 27 or 28 years old at time of birth. She had blue eyes and light brown hair. All Other Information: I am looking for my biological grandmother. My Mother now deceased is the adoptee. My sister just recently found out she has some rare form of germ cell cancer.

We would like to know medical background at the least. Maybe something in the medical background could help in the cure for my sister. All of the information that I have gained was from my adoptive grandmother's now deceased memory. The adoption was finalized in in St Landry Parish, Louisiana. The adoptee was about 1 year old. The last name of biological mother was believed to have been "Richeson" or a similiar spelling. I did find the adoption file in the books in the St Landry Parish Courthouse but when went upstairs for the file, was told that it was missing.

Update Birth mother was 15 or 16 years old at time of birth. Birth father was 18 years old, possibly in the military. Dorothy Joyce Culbertson height was 5'11" tall, with hazel eyes with beautiful strawberry red hair, was blonde until around years of age then red. Age of Adoptee when Adopted: 6 weeks old? Landry Parish County adoption took place: St. Culbertson Email Address: jessicammbowen95 gmail. My entire family would love to find her birth mother or possibly some birth siblings.

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She had very red hair. Update Birth mothers was 16 years old at time of Dorothy's birth, we believe. Dorothy's eyes were green and she had red her. She was given up at time of birth. Adopted at 6 weeks old. Adoptive Fathers Name: Col. Tom Whited Dutton Email Address: maryedu aol.

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Funk, Capt. We were told birth mother "Edna" was from North Louisiana. The birth certificate lists her age as We have an attorney listed who may have handled some of the adoption as Julius Nachman. When I wrote the bureau of vital statistics in Baton Rouge and gave them the registration number of they responded that they had no records. I believe Mr. Stone was who communicated with my father. Email Address: pbowman aol. Placed in Adoptive Home My mother is dying under Hospice Care and revealed that she had a child out of wedlock. I would love to find out additional information prior to her death.

Non ID Information has been received from the state of Louisiana. County adoption took place: Orleans Parish or? State adoption took place: Louisiana or Pennsylvania? Email Address: drewbfarr gmail. He was born in the spring of? My birth mother was 15 years old and my birth father was in the war. I only just found out about this and am desperate to find him. My birth mother has passed away , but my birth father is asking to find him. Update Birth father was 18 years old at time of birth. He was 6'2" tall, he had blue eyes and dark brown hair. Birth mother was 5'6" tall, she had brown eyes and dark brown hair.

I am 5'7" tall, I have blue eyes and medium brown hair. Update The baby was adopted by a couple from Pennsylvania and adoption probably took place in? All Other Information: I am trying to search for my moms birth family. More for health reasons and the curiosity to know our heritage. The birth certificate states that her birth mothers name is Pauline Ludwick.

I also have a letter from Pauline's sister and it states the birth father is named 'Doug". The name Buster Mason has also come up. I do have a letter from Phillis who is Paulines sister dated in the late forties and from Salamanca, New York. My mom was not legally adopted until she was 18 and everyone has been very secretive. I have had health problems that can be hereditary and for my families sake any info would be greatly appreciated. Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Caucasian? Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Caucasian? Shaw Email Address: packcopy msn.

Adoptee Birth State: Louisiana or Texas? Adoptee Birth Hospital: Douglas Clinic? TX County adoption took place: Orange County? State adoption took place: Texas,? I am now Linda Ruth Stroud. I live in Kenai, Alaska. Both my adoptive parents are passed away. I was born between and probably in east Texas or western Louisiana. My birth date on my birth certificate is but the Dr. The Doctor's name on my birth certificate is A. Douglas, but I was told that he was not the one who actually delivered me. The doctor who was supposed to have delivered me was from Sulphur, Louisiana. My adoptive parents lived in Orange, Texas at the time.

My adoption was always kept secret until my mother had a stroke and let it slip out. They are listed on my birth certificate as my birth parents. I looked in the DeQuincy News for the births for and my name was not listed. I spoke to the lady who did the births and she said that she never missed a baby. She was the newspaper owner's wife.

All parties are deceased. Anne Marie - , Bill Hays , Sue Bill was 28 years old, Anne Marie was 19 years old when Sue was born. Her name was Suzanne and she had it legally changed to Sue but we're not sure if her birth mother or adopted mother gave her the name Suzanne. We believe at one time, Sue saw her birth certificate, she knew her father's name was Bill. All Other Information: This adoption was not a legal adoption.

A note was signed by birth mother releasing all rights. Birth mother was located but has since died. She had three other sons. Her oldest son's name is Butch. He lives in Colorado. His birth mother told him his birth father's name was Levy or Lewis and that he lived in California. A cousin of his who was also adopted found her birth mother who was his birth mother's sister.

His cousin's name is Mary Ann. She lives in Waggaman, LA. I have a Birth Certificate with his adopted mother's name but am not able to get an original with his birth mother's name. She married Ralph Pace. They had a son, Frankie Pace. Lela may be from Mississippi. Maybe Pike County. She might have been adopted too. Her birth name may have been Lela Adams. Update Birth mother wa 19 at time of birth. No info- on birth father he was not in the picture. Winston Tony Ramirez eyes and hair color. Pickett Sr. Lloyd Murdock's wife, Mildred, attended the birth and the birth mother asked her to raise me.

Mildred took me home and I was later adopted in Many, LA. My adoption was finalized in? I have been told that my birth mother was in high school and on the basketball team. Supposedly she ended up having four more boys. Update I do not know my birth mother's exact age, I know nothing about my birth father. I was taken to the doctors home at birth and I was officially adopted on and my case was handled by John S. Adoptee Birth City: Monroe,? City adoption took place: Monroe, LA. Email Address: danobrister gmail. Ouachita Parish we think the birth year was? My oldest sister said she heard she was adopted by a prominent politician here most likely in North LA.

Lucilles parents where Willie and Callie Tharp or Tharpe. I never knew we had a half birth sister until my dad passed away ? Wish I had more information. State adoption took place: Louisiana or Texas? All Other Information: My dad found out as an adult that he was adopted.

His adoptive mother passed away not knowing he found out.

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We tracked his case down but since Louisiana is still a sealed state, we never got any further than that. He was adopted from the Protestant Home for Babies. Daddy passed away He had many health issues and I seem to be acquiring them so I'd like to know if there is more for me to be concerned about, not just for me but for my children as well.

We know he was born in New Orleans and then adopted and raised in Texas. All Other Information: Apparently the birth mother was married but had separated with husband at time of conception of adoptee, but got back together with him and gave up adoptee. Adoptee has an older sibling and a younger sibling from this family. Adoptee was born in Louisiana and was taken straight to New Jersey to live with adoptive parents from birth, but was not officially adopted until the next year.

She could have been born at Charity hospital or a local hospital in the area, not for sure. We would desparately love to find someone from her family. We would like to get to know them and find out the medical history also. Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Sometime between 0 and 3 years old? She may have given my mom up for adoption or she may have been taken by the Whites' without Carrie's permission. Update Birth mother was 23 years old at time of birth. Jeannete White is 5'6" tall, with dark brown eyes and Black hair. We have no other info on birth parents or birth father at this time.

Adoptive Fathers Name: Francis M. That my Birth Father no name was from Washington State and not married to my Birth Mother and may not even have known of my birth. Champion Email Address: judy. All Other Information: Certificate of live birth Update I do not know anything about my birth mother or birth father. All Other Information: Birth mother gave birth at the age of 15 years old. She was 5'1" tall, with gray-blue eyes and light brown hair. Had a 7th grade education.

Birth mother was abandoned by her biological family. Birth mother was found in an abandoned cabin and the family that found her continued to care for her. The family showed unaccountable interest and responsibility for her. There is no information known about birth mothers biological family, except that her mother was a normal person who had previously given birth to four or five children. Birth mother was with a foster family at the time of her pregnancy. Only information about the birth father is he was 50 years old and a carpenter.

Birth mothers medical history reported "she was thought to have had 3 light strokes during early childhood. She had a IQ of 54, classifying her as feeble minded. Johnny was discharged from Shreveport Charity Hospital on and placed with a foster family.

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  • On he was placed with his adoptive family and adoption was finalized on All Other Information: Birth mother 20 years old b. Appendicitis hereditary. Email Address: esp att. Birth mother worked at Trailways Bus Depot prior to my birth DOB of sibling may be or? All Other Information: Birth mother was a Jr. She was 5'2" tall, with hazel eyes and blonde hair, medium build. She had measles as child and sleeping sickness at 4 year.

    She was unconscious for 23 days, but recovered fine. Her father was 42 years old and owned a jewelry business and had brown hair. Her mother was 40 years old and had blonde hair. She helped in store.

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    Birth mother had a 22 year old married brother at time. Birth mother would be between 80 and 82 years old now Baby was born on Admitted to nursery on He weighed 7 lbs. Birth mother signed surrender form on He was placed in adoptive home on Birth father was 22 years old, 6'3" tall, weighed lbs..

    He had 1 brother 3 sisters. His father was already deceased and his mother was 53 years old. He was a recreational director. Update Thomas Warren Moore is 5'11" tall, with blue eyes and blonde hair. All Other Information: Birth parents were in a traveling orchestra, birth mother a pianist. Update Birth mother was 28 years old at time of birth and birth father was My eyes are brown and I have very blonde hair.

    All Other Information: Any help would be appreciated since I do not have much information. Health history is of importance. Date of placement with adoptive parents was Date of surrender was Adoption finalized on Birth mother and birth father were 20 years of age and attending college; we assume in the New Orleans, LA area. Birth father was 5'10" tall, with brown eyes and brown hair. Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Caucasion? Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Caucasion? Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Less than 1 year old?

    All Other Information: I was given limited information related to my adoption, other than my birth mother was a pretty blonde and that I had several birth brothers and birth sisters. My birth certificate indicates I was born on , but the certificate was filed on Email Address: bustertucker comcast. Mother may have used the name of Thelma. She was 10 months old when put up for adoption.

    Adoptee Birth Hospital: Baptist Hospital? Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Around 6 months old? Deceased Email Address: rbrant01 gmail. All Other Information: My mom is still alive however she ask me to search for her as her last parents and last sibling from her adoptive family have passed. For some reason her adoptive parents led her to believe that maybe both or one of her birth parents was already deceased when she was born or adopted - not sure. As soon as she was adopted she was raised in Baton Rouge where her adopted parents already lived.

    Update Susan Texada Baynard is 5'3" tall, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. All Other Information: I was born with congenital klippel-feil syndrome. On both feet my second and third two toes are webbed. From my earliest memories, I see my crib before I was adopted, was in an alcove in the wall. I always hated my first name. When I was 6 or 7, my parents asked me what first name I would be happy with. I thought for about a week, then came up with Jackie!. My name was never changed, but after the death of my Mom in I found out in my adoption papers my given name had been Jacqueline!.

    All Other Information: I am searching for my mother's birth parents or anyone that would be related to my mother. Her given name was Valerie Neijber. She passed away never knowing who her birth parents were but always wondering. I would like to find them if possible. Update Color of Kerrin S. Age of birth mother, birth father, color of eyes and hair?. This information was relayed to us by an adoption attorney we are friends with who happened upon this information while researching a case for another client.

    Since we live in such a small parish, she was reviewing the entire list of adoptions for the parish for several years in which Troy's adoption was one of them and noticed that Troy was on the list she had. She informed us that if his birthday was in fact , which is when his birthday is celebrated every year, that he was the only single birth, white male born on the date in question and if he was this baby, his mother's last name maiden or married at the time was St. Pierre, but as I stated the birth date may or may not be accurate. Due to the fact that I was not ready to pursue a possible road of heartache or disappointment I chose not to act on the information and ignored the data she had.

    Now she is no longer with us and I would like to know where I came from. There is more information we have been given over the years. The mother may have been at a school for wayward girls or a boarding school and she may have been impregnated by a teacher or professor of hers because the story Iris and Allie were told when they adopted him was that his mother became pregnant by a teacher of hers and that she went to New Orleans to give birth and Troy was adopted months later to Iris and Allie.

    Due to the nature of this story for the social worker and Troy's genius level of intellect he was dubbed the professor form an early age. I know the details are sketchy; however I truly hope we can find some information that will open the door to our past so we can further on in our future quest of life, because you never know where you are going, until you know where you have been. The social worker made a home visit and then began the process of adopting him. Iris and Allie had adopted another child, a girl, born also in New Orleans.

    Email Address: lwilson50 wildblue. The name she used when she gave birth to him was Ann Ford. I assume this name was given to her to protect her idenity while she was there. I am sorry that I don't have any other info but please contact me if I can help as I have lots of free time since I am retired and will help any way I can. Thank you, Lynn Wilson. She had medium brown hair and hazel eyes, the birth father had brown hair and she doesn't remember what color his eyes were. The baby was adopted at birth. A preistnamed Father Zok helped in the process. I knew birth parents were in their early years when I was born.

    I had heard My birth father died in a car wreck before adoption. All Other Information: Birth certificate has written Birth no. Date filed by state Registrar Zarilli MD. Another birth certificate sent from Montgomery Alabama Health Dept. Update I am 5'6" tall, with brown eyes and blonde, dark hair nearly black now. I have no info on my birth parents or birth family at this time.

    Franklin Email Address: bfranklin alltel. All Other Information: I am searching for my birth mother. I am 62 years of age now, so it may not even be possible that she is still living. Adoptee Birth Date: Adoptee Gender: Female. Adoptee Birth Race: White. Adoptee Birth County: Orleans Parish.

    Adoptee Birth State: Louisiana. Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: White. Adoptee Birth Hospital: Touro. Adoption Agency or Attorney: Protestant Home. Email Address: nol gmail. Searching For: Adoptee, Birth Sister. All Other Information: Searching for half birth sibling. Our birth mother had 3 girls she put up for adoption. You were born on and I was born?

    Caddo Parish Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

    Our birth mother was from Mississippi and was born in? She died of breast cancer at age I have all medical records. We did not get to meet her before she died. Birth mother was also adopted at birth into the Loper family. I have all of her adoption records and know her birth family. Her name at death was Ava Loper Naquin. Date Received: Date Posted: Last Updated: Email Address: ptabh myway. Birth father 23, Irish, did mot know of pregnancy and working in another state.

    Birth mother 's brother had been killed in auto accident. Birth mother at St. Ann's Maternity Home in Shreveport, capable secretary and pbx operator and sews. All Other Information: I had an older adopted brother too. Harold Alvin Burroughs, born Strange Email Address: rodgersjana centurytel. There was maybe a note of sorts calling the baby Sarah. Adoptee Birth Date:? Adoptee Birth Date: ? Adoptee Birth Date: or ? Adoptee Birth Date: to ? Email Address: ddavis barrnap. Adoptive Fathers Name: J.

    Email Address: wynnkay yahoo. Adoptive parents lived in Houston, Texas. Very little information about birth parents known at this time. She was admitted on and was discharged from the maternity home on The birth mother was from Louisiana.

    Louisiana Vital Records

    The birth mother was 20 years old at the time of the child's birth. This was the birth mother's first child. The birth mother was not married. The birth mother graduated high school. In high school, she played basketball and volleyball. She was the captain of the basketball team. She liked all sports.

    Her favorite subjects were chemistry and speech. The birth mother worked as a chief night operator at a telephone company. Physically, the birth mother was 5'5 tall, weighed about pounds prior to the pregnancy, and had red hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion with some freckles. She was of Scottish and Irish descent. She was of Episcopalian faith. The record indicates that the birth mother was in good health and there were no health problems noted.

    The birth mother's father was 53 years old at the time of the child's birth. He had completed college and was self employed as a farmer. He was of Scottish and Irish descent. He was Catholic. He had black hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion. The birth mother's mother was 48 years old at the time of the child's birth. She had completed college and was a teacher. She was Episcopalian faith. Physically, she was described as being 5'7 tall and weighed about pounds.

    She had black hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion. Both of the birth mother's parents were described as being in good health. It was noted that the birth mother was particularly close to her father and he was the first to learn of the pregnancy, before her mother. Both of the birth mother's parents were supportive of her and her decision for adoption. The birth mother was the oldest of 8 children born to her parents. She had a sister who was 18 years old at the time of the child's birth. She was a college student. Pre-med Another sister was 16 years old at the time.

    She was in high school. Another sibling was a brother who was 15 years old at the time. He was in high school. Another brother was 13 years old at the time. The younger siblings were a brother who was 8 years old, another brother who was 7 years old and a sister who was 6 years old. All of the birth mother's siblings were described as being in good health. One of the birth mother's grandparents died of old age and the others causes of death were unknown. The birth mother and the birth father had dated for over 4 years before the pregnancy. The birth father was someone she had known her whole life.

    He was a freshman in college and planned to complete his education and become a farmer. The birth mother stated that she and the birth father hoped to marry after the birth father completed college and eventually have a family. Both of them wanted to keep the baby but they feared that being from a small town, they didn't want the child to be "branded as having been conceived before marriage".

    Both agreed that adoption was the best option. The birth father was 19 years old at the time of the child's birth.

    Caddo Parish Health Unit

    He had completed high school and was a freshman in college. He planned to become a farmer as he had lived on a farm all of his life. When the birth mother and birth father learned of the pregnancy, the birth father went to speak with the birth mother's father. The birth father was of French and English descent. He was Methodist. Physically, he was described as being 5'11 tall and weighed about pounds. He had black hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. The birth father was described as being in good health.

    The birth father's father was 52 years old at the time of the child's birth. He had completed high school and was a farmer. He was of English and French descent. The birth father's mother was 48 years old at the time. She had completed high school and two years of college. She was of English and French descent.

    She was Methodist. Both of the birth father's parents were described as being in good health. The birth father was the youngest of 4 sons born to his parents. His oldest brother was 28 years old at the time. He had completed college and worked for an oil company. He was married and had 3 children. The next brother was 23 years old at the time. He was in the military and was married recently. The other brother was 21 years old at the time. He had completed high school and worked as a farmer. He was single and had no children. All of the birth father's siblings were described as being in good health.

    The birth father's maternal great grandmother was alive and was years old at the time. Both the birth mother and birth father's families were described as good, church going people and lived "wholesome" lives. The birth mother did not have any complications during the pregnancy. The child was born on at Touro Infirmary.

    The birth mother named the child Gloria Faith at birth. She said that she named the baby after a friend of hers. The birth mother signed the surrender of parental rights on and she left the maternity home on the following day. The child was placed with the adoptive family on The final decree of adoption was issued on My bio maternal grandmother requested a private room in the hospital.

    Father's family allegedly raised horses. They allegedly lived in Louisiana. Email Address: bjall aol. Birth mother may have been from Winsboro, LA. Adoptee was weeks old when adopted. Thank you so much. Adoption Agency or Attorney: St. Hall, Jr. Email Address: mariegrassihall msn. All Other Information:The name of attorney who handled the adoption was Barnett. Update Adoptee was placed at Anderson Baby Home from hospital on During our internet search on Ancestory. The places and times of birth and residences match the non-identifying information provided by the state of Louisiana. Rebecca Clark was widowed at the time of this child's birth.

    She had 2 children from her marriage to Mr. In the non-identifying information, the birth father was 39 years old and listed as married. Rebecca also went by the name of Reba, Uriba and maybe Becky. Birth mother was 33 years old at time of birth. City adoption took place: New Orleans,?

    Email Address: airangel aol. State adoption took place: Louisana? Email Address: suzy. You have 6 full birth siblings that would love to meet you!. Birth mother used the name: Marilyn Regan at home for unwed mothers. Email Address: classbeachbun aol. He is said to have had red hair and this baby which is my brother could have been born in new orleans. All Other Information: I was adopted at 5 years old I don't remember my given name and I was never told my birth mothers real name because my adopted mother never wanted me to know her. I am seeking my other birth siblings. I was adopted with my little sister her birthday is We are three years apart.

    But are still together. Our adoption took place in? All Other Information: I am looking for my birth parents or my birth siblings. From what I know my birth mother's name is Mary or Marie. There were 4 or 5 brothers and sisters older than me. I think they were from the Marrero area. Email Address: tbarrilleaux2 yahoo. Given up for adoption. Greta was sent to a Catholic Charity in Shreveport.

    City adoption took place: St. Email Address: themichellewhite gmail. She was a month pregnant when she graduated high school in Baton Rouge, LA. She was sent to a convent in New Orleans to await the birth of the baby. Her parents came when the baby was born and made my mom put the baby up for adoption. They were a respectful family from Baton Rouge and it was the 's. My mom and dad were married on , I have two other brothers.

    I am the baby and only girl and was born My mother told me of my half brother right before she died when I was 30 years old. I searched for him, but only got a nice letter from Catholic Charities. I was told that my brother had blond hair and grey eyes. He weighed 6 lbs. He had a pale, fair complexion. My mother was very olive toned. He was adopted almost 5 months later by a local couple. The birth father had a B. Degree in Accounting and the mother had attended two years of college majoring in Commerce.

    They were physically similar. All Other Information: My father has passed several years back and I am hoping to find some birth relatives from his side in my search. He had green eyes and dark, wavy brown hair. All of his children resemble him identically, so he had very strong genes. I do not have many photos of him as a young child but I have several high school photos and some of him later in life that could help someone identify him to his biological family. He was always told his birth mother was 17 years old when he was born and she was red headed.

    He knew nothing else of his birth family. He was adopted some time before 6 months of age, but exact adoption age is unknown. All Other Information: Birth mother was around 22 years old, some college, possibly Scandinavian ethnicity. Adoptive family from Mssissippi, Meridian first place lived. Buras Email Address: rsfrank sbcglobal. All Other Information: I am interested in getting medical information. I would like to know my Genealogy. Update No info on birth parents. My eyes are blue and I have brown hair. Box Lake Charles, LA Box Columbia, LA Box Cameron, LA Box Harrisonburg, LA Box Homer LA Box Vidalia, LA Box Mansfield, LA East Baton Rouge.

    East Carroll. Clerk of Court First St. Lake Providence, LA East Feliciana. Box Clinton, LA Drawer Ville Platte, LA Box Winnsboro, LA Box Colfax, LA Drawer New Iberia, LA Box Plaquemine, LA Drawer Jonesboro, LA Jefferson Davis. Box Jennings, LA Box Lafayette, LA Box Thibodaux, LA Box Jena, LA Box Ruston, LA Box Livingston, LA Clerk of Court N.

    Cedar Tallulah, LA Clerk of Court Bastrop, LA Box Natchitoches, LA Algiers, LA Box Monroe, LA Pointe Coupee. Box 86 New Roads, LA Drawer Alexandria, LA Red River. Box Coushatta, LA Box Rayville, LA Box Many, LA Box Chalmette, LA Box Greenburg, LA Box 63 Convent, LA John The Baptist. Box Opelousas, LA Box St.

    Martinville, LA Box Covington, LA Box Amite, LA Box 78 St.

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