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It is imperative to consider that buying a larger screen size will help in handling multiple tasks with great ease and offers optimal comfort while reading long texts or mails. LTE stands for Long term evolution of 4G and 5G is the collective term for the fifth generation mobile network technology. The upcoming 5G might not completely replace LTE but more like both network configurations will work together for the foreseeable future. The speed will however depend on the network coverage and number of people connected to it in your vicinity.

Today, Smartphones come with a dual core or quad core or hexa or octa core processors. In all, the more the number of cores, the phone becomes more responsive and seamless in operation especially when multi-tasking. Today, leading companies like Qualcomm Mediatek, Exynos, Apple are manufacturing chipsets that can operate up to 3.

Latest 4G Mobile Phones

Dual camera sensors are around since when HTC experimented with a 2 camera mobile phone but it failed to impress the consumers. Later on Apple launched a tele-photo lens with iPhone 7. In the depth sensor, the primary camera takes a focused picture of an object and the secondary camera provides the blurry background effect. Both these images are merged together by software and you get that amazing depth effect and DSLR like pictures. Other effects like monochrome, portrait mode, wide shot and zoom is also supported by dual and triple camera smartphones.

Both the operating systems have their own pros and cons.

The iOS is a mobile operating system from Apple is known for offering a safer and protected environment by not allowing any third party systems to showcase their apps on their App Store. On the other hand, Android OS is an open source operating system that allows developers to develop new program and showcase the same. With an Android OS in place, you can completely control your device which is not the case with mobiles loaded with Apple iOS. Milli-Ampere Hour mAH is the amount of electric energy a mobile phone battery can store for a limited time i.

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Hence shoppers prefer a mobile phone with more mAH batteries. As you scroll through the internet you will find excessive researches about which mobile phones are best, who scores high on which features and what are the expected launch prices of upcoming models. The amount of articles online makes you wish for one website for understanding concise, uncluttered and simplified way to compare and buy the latest smartphones.

Well, your search is over; below is a list of all the best mobile phones along with pictures. Sony launched its popular 48MP IMX image sensor last year and it powered a plethora of smartphones launched in Google launched Teachable Machine two year ago, a website that enabled people to experience AI by training their own The teaser shows a Update: New rumors reveals that the OnePlus 8 Pro could feature a Hz display, compared to 90Hz screen in the current Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold, the company's first foldable smartphone in India last month. This has two displays, Pixel Density Clear.

Screen Protection Clear. Screen Resolution Clear. Screen Type Clear. Processor Cores Clear. Processor Brand Clear.

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Processor Name Clear. RAM Clear.

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Internal Storage Clear. Dual Rear Camera Clear. Rear Camera Clear. Front Camera Clear. Rear Camera Features Clear. Video Recording Clear. Battery Capacity Clear. Removable Battery Clear. Fast Charging Clear. Wireless Charging Clear. OTG Support Clear. Connectivity Clear. Weight Clear. Other Features Clear.

Product Features :

IP Rating Clear. IP68 Dust and Water Resistant - 1. Related Price Lists. Featured Links. Mobile internet in its nascent days was fast enough to transmit only text-based content.

With 3G, speeds were finally fast enough theoretically up to 42Mbps to offer experiences like video calling, video streaming and the usage of rich apps. With 4G, the speeds have further increased theoretically as fast as Mbps to make connectivity more seamless and buffer free. Adding 4G also means decongesting networks in countries like India, which will soon be the world's 2nd largest cellphone population. In India, most operators are offering it via the MHz band a. Phones that support MHz are observed to support MHz too.

It gets tricky here, because some cities in India have MHz coverage, some have MHz, some have both. It is said that eventually some operators will offer coverage in both bands across all cities.

Although it may seem like the noise about 4G began in early , it has actually been around since , with Kolkata being the first city where Airtel deployed its 4G network. Following which, cities like Bangalore, Pune followed suit. As of , 4G is already deployed in 44 cities and more counting. While Airtel decided to activate one city at a time, Reliance's upcoming Jio 4G network aims to launch the high speed mobile internet service pan-India by the end of

Mobile phone price lists in india
Mobile phone price lists in india
Mobile phone price lists in india
Mobile phone price lists in india
Mobile phone price lists in india
Mobile phone price lists in india
Mobile phone price lists in india

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