How to expunge your background record

This is true even if the case was eventually dismissed.

Do Misdemeanors Show Up On Background Checks

The charges will stay on your record unless a judge orders your record sealed or expunged. Only certain crimes are eligible to be sealed or expunged under Illinois law.

In order to get your criminal record sealed or expunged, there are several steps you must take. First, get your criminal background report.

If you were arrested, you definitely have a criminal record. Obtain information for all cases, including county, arresting agency, case number, date of arrest, and how the case ended. Next, it must be determined whether you are eligible for your record to be sealed or expunged. You cannot expunge your record if you were convicted of a crime. However, even with a conviction in your background you may nevertheless be eligible to seal all or part of your record from public view.

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  • Criminal Record Clearing Through Sealing or Expungement.

These vary depending on the county in which the petition is filed. XpungeChicago will do the filing for you and give proper notice to the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the Prosecutors. If there is no objection, your expungement or sealing will most likely be granted by the court.

How to Expunge Your Record: San Francisco, CA

This could occur if you have a long criminal record or if your crimes were of a certain type, such as sexual abuse or murder. In such a case, you may be entitled to a hearing. The Law Offices of M. Fakhoury can represent you at the hearing and present supporting evidence and witnesses that your record should be sealed or expunged. If the order is eventually granted, it must be sent to both the Illinois State Police as well as the agency that arrested you. As you may imagine, this is not a quick process — it may take several months for the sealing or expungement to be granted.

Clean Your Record

Some states make it easy to apply for expungement, and many court websites offer expungement information and forms you can download for free. That said, you must usually pay a fee at the time you file your paperwork with the court. In more complex situations, you will need the assistance of a qualified criminal law attorney. Although expunging your record will have many advantages, understand that it will not completely erase the event from the face of the earth.


Your conviction will come to light and can be used against you in the following circumstances and ways:. Each state has its own rules regarding record sealing, specifying which convictions qualify, which defendants may apply, and the circumstances in which even sealed records may be accessed when applying for certain jobs, for instance. In general, relatively low-level criminal offenses qualify, as do first-time offenders; and an absence of subsequent criminal activity is frequently a requirement.

Many states also allow expungement of arrests and court proceedings in which the defendant prevailed. See the article for your state, below, for the details. Skip to Main Content. By Janet Portman , Attorney. Get detailed information about expungement and record sealing in your state.

Applying for Expungement

Is Your Record Eligible for Expungement? A few states rarely allow expungement of accurate arrest or conviction records, but most states have procedures that depend on the following factors: Were you convicted of a crime, or just arrested? Some states will more readily expunge arrest-without-conviction records than those that resulted in a conviction.

How severe was the crime? In general, only relatively minor offenses qualify for expungement. No state allows offenders to expunge a violent felony or a serious sex offense. How long it has been since you were arrested or convicted?

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All states impose a waiting period of three, five, or more years.

How to expunge your background record
How to expunge your background record
How to expunge your background record
How to expunge your background record
How to expunge your background record

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